Cheeburger Vegetarian/Vegan Options

I was just at Cheeburger this afternoon. Had the portobello wrap with roasted red peppers, onion and garlic. It was pretty darn good. Had no idea portobellos are so oozy. It was my first time ever eating them. They were dripping everywhere. Really nice flavor and texture though.

What I particularly like about Cheeburger is their onion rings don't contain eggs. That's hard to find. And they are addictive. Their salad is also very nice. I like the addition of olives. Nice touch. And the fact that it's mostly romaine with a little bit of some frilly green I don't know the name of. No iceberg in sight. I like iceberg lettuce salads, but romaine is so much heartier.

While I was there I inquired about their veggie burger. So many restaurant veggie burgers have eggs in them. Usually I go to the chain website and read the allergen info for their menus. That will tell you if there is milk or eggs in their dishes. But theirs confused me a little. It seemed like the egg was in their bun, not the veggie burger (cuz the veggie burger salad and wrap didn't contain egg), but I wanted to double check.

When I asked the guy he was quick with his answer and sounded confident that it didn't contain egg. Good to know. So all in all they have some good vegan and vegetarian options.

There's the portobello wrap, platter or salad. No milk or eggs. Probably cooked on the same grill as the meat, if that bothers you, but can be fried instead (where only the rings and fries usually bathe). I read that somewhere on the Internet.

I know their wraps have no milk or eggs. Their bun definitely does contain eggs. They also offer rye bread, white or wheat. When I read about the grilled cheese sandwich in the allergen info it contained no eggs and since the grilled cheese is offered on those forms of bread it can be inferred they don't have egg in them. I'm sure they'd let you substitute the bun on your portobello burger for rye bread or wheat bread.

For cheese loving vegetarians they have a really good grilled cheese sandwich to which you can add such a cool variety of toppings. I like mine with roasted red peppers, pickle and chopped garlic.

And then they have their veggie burger which on its own appears to be vegan. A soy based product without egg or milk. Just avoid the bun. Get a wrap or ask for rye bread instead or even go breadless.

But to be totally vegan you'll have to order the fries. Although the onion rings don't use eggs I believe they do contain milk.

And again if having your food cooked on the same grill as the meat is an issue you will have to request it to be deep-fried. From a moral stand point I don't see a problem. You're not responsible for any deaths. If it's a health issue, well, you probably shouldn't be eating at places like cheeburger in the first place.


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