Weight Loss

When I first set out to stop eating animals weight loss was the furthest thing from my mind. But it happened anyway.

I haven't eaten meat for about a year and have lost around 10 lbs. I don't really exercise. I lead a pretty sedentary life. Wasn't trying to lose weight. It just happened cause I stopped eating meat.

Things I've learned from these changes in my eating choices. Meat is bad for weight loss. A vegetarian or vegan diet is healthier. Avoid refined snack foods which contain chemically modified oils.

The less sugar you can live on the better. For healthful sources of sugar look to fruits.

If you seriously want to lose weight I have to tell you that snacks are the biggest culprit. Chocolate, cookies, cake. These are the things that cause all your efforts to fail.

Diet soda is also a factor. Personally I like diet soda. Compared to traditional soda it's great. But only in moderation. Too much causes fat to be stored and weight loss to be stunted.

The simplest and easiest answer is to look at the ingredients. Only eat foods where you can pronounce all the ingredients and you actually understand what they are. Look for short ingredient lists with simple, common components.

Don't eat things you cannot identify. Don't consume foods with ingredients lists longer than your tax return.

In short, not eating meat makes weight loss easier. protein alternatives like beans are significantly lower in fat and calories. but on the whole, it's more just eating pure. Read ingredient lists and opt for the short story over the epic. your body will thank you.

a vegetarian or vegan diet is not intended to be undertaken simply for the weight loss benefits. while those may be wonderful side effects, a commitment to the value of all life is a prerequisite.


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