Kitchens of India Chick Peas Curry Vegan

The other day I encountered a new food in the supermarket. Kitchens of India pouches. They were all vegetarian. There were several styles and flavors, but I got the Chick Peas Curry because I like curry, but don't like to make it myself.

It has really simple and wholesome ingredients. Which thrilled me. Chick peas, potatoes, tomatoes, some spices. The ingredient list was only maybe eight things and all of which I'd heard of, could pronouse and were not found in laboratories.

The package said authentic india food made in India. Exciting!

I made my pouch this evening. I first made some jasmine rice. Then when the rice was nearly done I add my authentic indian chick peas curry to the pot of rice. It had a mild spicy flavor. A wonderful aroma. The only thing that disappointed me was that the packet contents were kinda small. Not too small, but a little skimpy in my opinion.

It certainly makes curry easy to make at home. It's vegetarian. Actually, it's vegan. There are no milk or eggs in it either. It's super easy to make. Tastes pretty darn good too.

I can see adding some vegetables to it in the future. Leafy greens would probably go nicely. I can also see adding some garlic and maybe additional indian spices. Or even chili powder. Chili powder goes with everything!

All in all, a very nice tasting, authentic ethnic meal with no muss, some very respectable nutritional values and entirely vegan to boot. Wonderful product.


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