I Hate Shoprite

I do. And here's why.

They have these mooing cow and clucking chicken sounds when you're in the dairy department. Ha. Ha. Very cute.

As if the cows and chickens that made the milk and eggs are actually happy. Yea right.

Totally offensive to someone who has watched the movie Food, Inc.

Yet oddly, when one ventures over to the meat section, the moo and cluck sounds mysteriously vanish. Strange. I thought beef comes from cows and chicken from, well, chickens.

What, no, oinks in the pork section? But why not? Wouldn't that be truth in advertising?

To use the cow's moo and the chicken's cluck in the dairy section while only a few feet away those same animals are ground up and dead in styrofoam and plastic wrap seems unusually callous even for a supermarket.

Therefore, I hate Shoprite.


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