Grilled Cheese with Beans Sandwich

This a low fat grilled cheese sandwich. But it's not a plain, ordinary grilled cheese. It's packed with protein, iron and layers of flavor. Evenso, it's very easy to make. And simple to make it vegan. Just remove the cheese or replace the cheese with vegan cheese.

At any rate, this tasty and easy hot sandwich is easy to make on even just one cup of coffee in the morning.

2 slices bread, roll or bagel
1 slice cheese (any vegetarian or vegan kind)
handful of beans (your favorite beans)
2-3 raw onion rounds
1/4 garlic pickle spear worth of slices (optional)

Place a small frying pan on the stove. Do not turn on the stove yet. Lay one slice of bread in the bottom of the pan. Cover with cheese slice. Then carefully add your beans to cover the inner 90% of the bread. Add a little salt and pepper. Then top with your onion.

Reserve your other slice of bread and pickles for later.

Heat on med. Heat for approximately 4-5 minutes. Just until the cheese barely begins to melt. Or until your bread is nicely toasted.

Add pickle and cover with other slice of bread. Use a spatula and the tips of your fingers carefully turn the sandwich over to cook the other side.

Press gently with spatula and heat for about 2-3 minutes more or until the other slice of bread is also nicely toasted and the cheese is thoroughly melted.

Low heat to compensate if bread is toasting faster than cheese is melting.

You should end up with a warm gooey sandwich replete with a rainbow of flavors and a wallop of nutrients.

Slice in half and enjoy with plain low salt potato chips, some sea salted almonds or crunchy dry roasted edamamme.


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