Delicious Pre-made Meat Free Foods

Have you ever tried SmartLife fake meat products? They're usually available in the produce section near the tofu. Some are vegan, some only veg.

Their bologna style cold cut is really good. I just thought it was delicious on a sandwich with some pickles, onion and cheese. It's really good without the cheese too. SmartLife cold cuts are vegan. As are their hot dogs. The faux dogs are also great with some sauerkraut and ketchup.

I'm still afraid to try cooking straight up tofu myself. I order it from chinese take out often and love it. Fried bean curd in garlic sauce. Mmmm. But am hesistant to make my own.

Also of note is Seapoint Farms dry roasted edamamme. It comes in plain or wasabi flavor and it's just great. Tastes and feels like eating peanuts. Much less fat and way more nutrients. I like the wasabi. Kinda hot, but really good. To look at the size of the package it seems expensive. It's a $1.89 where I live. But even though the volume measure is kinda low, it lasts quite a while. Don't eat the serving size on the package. A small handful is more than sufficient (10-15 beans).

The vegetarian and vegan options at the supermarket have certainly grown plentiful over the years. Evenso, the more, the better.

One can never have too many animal free food choices. Food companies need to hop on the bandwagon. Vegan and vegetarian is where the money is at. More profit, lower production costs, less environmental damage. And our numbers are constantly growing.


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