Diavolo Lentils and Barley - Vegan

This is an easy to prepare dish that has a lot of flavor in it. If you like diavolo sauce this will really hit the spot. For those not in the know, diavolo sauce is hot Italian tomato sauce. It's sorta like buffalo sauce of chili, but with an Italian flair. I had my first taste of it from Francesco rinaldi tomato sauce in the jar. I really like it. I've had it in a few restaurants too. And I believe this recipe is comparable to anything your standard eatery can dish out. Sans the animals of course.


1/3 cup dry barely
1/3 cup dry lentils
2 tsps louisinana hot sauce
1 can vegetable broth
1 tsp olive oil
1/4 cup frozen tri-color bell peppers
6 cloves garlic minced
1/4 cup diced onion (red or yellow)
1/3 cup frozen spinach
1 can plain diced tomatoes
2 tsps spicy mustard
2 tsps white vinegar
paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder and ground black pepper
nutritional yeast

It probably sounds like a lot of ingredients, but the cooking process is very simple. Measure out your barley and pour it onto a flat surface, like a paper plate. Inspect it for any unwanted twigs or pebbles and remove them. Add to a medium to large pot. Add broth and olive oil. Cover and set to high heat.

Even though pearl barley and lentils supposedly have the same twenty minute cooking time, I have discovered through experience that barely benefits from a slightly longer cooking time than do lentils.

Measure and inspect lentils in the same way you did the barley. Let barely cook for about five minutes before adding lentils. Let cook covered for 5 minutes. Keep an eye on the pot to avoid boil overs.

Add your spinach.

Cook 10 minutes more. Add mustard, vinegar, tomatoes. Cook five minutes more.

Add peppers, hot sauce, garlic, onions. Cook 3 minutes more.

Add spices. Stirring to thoroughly combine and then carefully taste. Adjust seasonings and hot sauce to your preference.

Best to err on the side of less hot. You can add more hot sauce to individual servings. You cannot take away heat.

Douse piping hot portions with nutritional yeast and stir to combine for an extra dimension of flavor.

All the cooking takes place in one pot. The whole cooking process takes a little less than 30 minutes. The ingredients are simple and inexpensive. There is very little chopping. You can even substitute jarred chopped garlic. Just Leave out the olive oil. Instead scoop some from the jar of garlic.

The nutritional value is very high. Lots of veg, whole grains, beans and nutritional yeast make this an exemplary meal health-wise. Complete protein, lots of fiber and plenty of vitamins. And it doesn't taste healthy at all. the flavor is deceptively decadent.


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