The Cheese Conundrum

Today I was in the local A and P supermarket. I was looking for a suitable vegetarian cheese that was also on sale. They'd raised the price of the Crystal Farms I'd bought the week prior from $2 to $3. There was some borden on sale, which I was not sure about the origins of its enzymes.

I had read on numerous sites that Cabot brand was vegetarian friendly. But I was still hesistant as I'd always heard sharp cheddars could be bad.

But desperate I picked up the package and eyed the ingredients. It's was $2.50 for 8 ounces. When I turned it over, I discovered, much to my surprise and joy, that it clearly stated, in bold no less, that it contained no animal rennet.

How wonderful is that?!

Yay Cabot. No only for not using animal rennet, but for listing it on the packaging. Now if only all cheese makers would choose to or be obligated by law to disclose this vital information to consumers.

Personally I am getting tired of sending emails to ask them. And am wary of their vague responses.

All cheese should be vegetarian. There is no need for otherwise.

Sadly, many still are not.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for checking this out for yourself! It's true- all of our cheeses are vegetarian friendly :) Thanks for your support!
alcholic poet said…
glad to support a vegetarian cheese maker and to spread the word.

thank you for noticing my blog and for being upfront about your ingredients.

i just wish all companies were like yours.

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