Black Bean Vegetarian Sandwich

I love sandwiches. They're filling and easy to make and can taste great. All those different textures and layers of flavor can come together into a delicious symphony. It's easy.

2 slices soft bread
1 ounce black beans
1 bread size slice of cheddar cheese or equivalent
7-10 kosher pickle slices
few slices onion
white vinegar
olive oil
nutritional yeast
garlic powder and black pepper

This sandwich is good on soft or toasted bread. If you like melty cheese definitely toast the bread and use it to get the cheese gooey.

Build your sandwich.

Spray bread with a little vinegar. Add beans. Then nutritional yeast. Spritz with some more vinegar and drizzle with a little olive oil. season with pepper and garlic powder. Top with cheese. Then pickle slices and onion.

Close sandwich with the other slice of bread. Pressing firmly so the bread smooshes around the sandwich ingredients. Slice in half and enjoy.


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