Simple and Delicious Vegan Salad Dressing

In my quest to eat vegan there have been obstacles. Mentally I have no problem avoiding meat. Physically however, my body has experienced a few minor hiccups. After about 4 months of being on the vegan diet I started to have problems with my right ear. Weird, huh?

At first, since it was summer and a brutal one at that, I thought it was just allergie. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Off an on my inner ear would kinda swell up. Not terribly, where I couldn't hear at all, but there was impairment. Then it would start to get better. And just as mysteriously it would be worse again.

I finally traced the problem to citric acid. After further research I learned a lack of b5 or an improper balance of b vitamins can create in some people the inability to properly digest citric acid. Go figure. Very strange. Everything seems to have trace amounts of b5 (whole grains, veggies, fruits), but nothing quite enough, unless you can eat an awful lot. I've since been bulking up on my b vitamin intake and avoiding citric acid. Which isn't easy. I'm hoping once I've got the vitamin balanced out I'll be able to have at least a moderate citric intake without incident. Since back when I ate meat it was never a problem, I have high hopes, but am prepared for the possibility it won't go back to the way it once was.

Of course on a vegan diet salads are a big part of life. Be they all veg or pasta or potato. A proper dressing is required. Pretty much all commercial dressings contain lemon juice concentrate. Since my ear isn't currently a fan of lemon juice concentrate, I came up with a really easy, but tasty vegan salad dressing that tastes similar to italian. So here is a really simply dressing that's also healthy and tastes great.

White vinegar
Olive oil
Nutritional Yeast
salt and pepper

I usually just top the salad right before eating with some of each ingredient. But making a batch in advance is convenient.

Just blend 3 parts vinegar to 1 part oil. Sprinkle with 1 or 2 tsp of yeast. Whisk or shake to combine depending on your mixing apparatus. Taste. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

I like my dressing vinegary, but you can adjust the ratio of vinegar to suit your preference. If you find it too tart, adjsut to 2 parts vinegar to 1 part oil.

The best part is after you've finished your salad you can take a piece of whole wheat bread and use it to sop up any remaining dressing left in the bowl. mmmmm.

You can also add some fresh chopped garlic to this dressing to give it extra oomph. I love fresh garlic and it's really good for you. It helped my ear feel better before I had diagnosed the problem and it tastes great.


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