A Healthy Vegan Diet: Part One

Wondering what vegans eat to stay healthy and well nourished? here's your chance to find out. I shall endeavour to document my eating habits. I've been eating modified vegan for about five months. I do everything vegan except i ocassionaly eat canned albacore tuna, shrimp and wild salmon.

i intend to eliminate these few fish as well at some point. But for now, that is where I'm at. It's still a conscious effort to get all the things my body needs. I don't eat these fish often at all. Less than once a month.

A typical day's eats consists of:

Sandwich made from:
hard roll, bagel or whole wheat toast
beans (black, red, garbanzos or lentils)
vinegar and a few dots of olive oil
veggies (corn, lettuce, pickles, onions, garlic, aspargus, red cabbage)
nutrional yeast
a side of fortified cereal (cheerios, wheat chex, total)

pasta salad or rice salad
with various mixes of tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas and bell peppers.
some beans and or nuts

garlic, vingear, salt, pepper and probably some more nutritonal yeast
maybe some almonds or pretzels or low salt potato chips, or a combination of them

whole wheat bread, half whole grain bagel or more cereal
sometimes with smart balance lite spread and some spices.
soy or almond milk
some fruit - banana, cantaloupoe, apple, the like.
an oreo or nabisco oatmeal cookie on occasion.

I will go into greater detail as I document each forthcoming days vegan meals.


Unknown said…

I really like your recipes, its looks very very testy.


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