Vegan Ramen Noodles

Top Ramen Noodle brand oriental flavor is vegan. It contains no animal products. The flavor packet is basically powdered soy sauce. The noodles are fried flour and water.

But good ramen needs some accompaniments.

1 packet oriental ramen
1/3 cup frozen green peas
1/3 cup frozen bell peppers

In your serving bowl pour your peas and peppers. Set aside.

Fill a small sauce pan half way with water. Break ramen noodle brick into quarters. Heat pan on medium high. Add ramen noodles and the flavor packet. Stir to combine. Bring to a boil. Once it has come to a boil, lower heat to medium and simmer for 3-4 minutes or until noodles are soft and have darkened slightly.

When ramen is done use a sieve to strain of water and return noodles to hot pan. Alternatively you can use a fork to hold the noodles in while you pour off the liquid.

Return pot to original burner on stove. Add peas and peppers. Stir to combine. Cover pan. Set burner to low and heat 2-4 minutes more (stirring once or twice) or until biggest vegetable tasted is warmed through and crispy.

A quick, easy and healthy vegan meal.


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