Vegan Domino's Pizza

Did you know you can order domino's pizza and get it vegan? Their thin crust pizza dough contains no eggs, milk or cheese. You can order your thin crust pizza sans cheese and add any veggie toppings you like. They offer quite a lot of interesting ones.

Hot peppers, spinach, pineapple, hot sauce, sweet peppers, olives and more.

Unfortunately you won't save any money foregoing the cheese. It would be nice to get an extra topping gratis (hint, hint) since they are saving money not giving us cheese.

A good deal though, is the two medium, two topping pizza's for $5.99. No, I don't work for domino's. I just thought it was cool that they offer the ability to configure one's pizza to meet a vegan lifestyle choice.

Their meditterian oven baked sandwich is not to bad either. It's probably better for vegetarians. It kinda needs cheese. But if you're willing to add some of your own beans to the sandwich cheeseless, it's pretty darn good. A bit on the small side (still pretty filling with added beans), but great with some of their hot sauce and a bit of nutritional yeast.

Also, if you like the idea, but would love to see them refine it, why not contact them via email. Chains especially love consumer input. When they create their vegetarian options they don't really have much clue how vegetarians and vegan actually eat. Your input can really improve how they create that facet of their menu. The more people that mention good veggie/vegan ingredients to them, the more likely that are to actually incorporate those suggestions. So if you want beans on your sandwiches and pizza, tell them so. They're more than happy to put anything on their menu they think will make a profit.


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