Quick Vegan Sandwich

Here's a good, quick vegan sandwich you can make on the fly. I love sandwiches. Lots of nutrition wiht minimal effort.

2 slice bread toasted
1 tbl jar tomato suace
beans or combo of beans of your choice
any crispy veg (onion, garlic, lettuce, pre-cooked aspargus, corn nibblets)
nutrional yeast

Toast your bread. If it's a firmer bread you don't need to toast it. If it's a soft bread you're better off toasting it.

Smear one side of one slice with tomato sauce. add beans. veg. yeast. top sandwich with other slice of bread and cut in half.


The sauce helps to keep the beans on the bread. It also add a lot of flavor. The cripsy veg add that textural element. The yeast add the extra nutrition you need.

See to your liking. salt, pepepr, garlic powder. Experiment.


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