Meat Makes You Fat

I don't understand why women are so weight obsessed. Tis better to be loved at a thirty inch waist than to be loved just because you're skinny.

The media certainly doesn't help. Always shoving pictures of anorexic models in our faces and touting endless methods for quick and easy weight loss.

It's a shame none of them are willing to admit the real truth.

Meat makes you fat. Animal products make you fat. Stop eating meat and dairy and you will see the pounds beginning to shed. It won't be instantaneous. Although, probably in the first first weeks you will see a marked drop. After that it will be slow and steady. But since you're never going to eat meat or dairy again there is no hurry.

This isn't a fad diet. It's a lifestyle. A commitment to doing the right thing. Not just for yourself, but for all the animals with which you share this planet.

Contrary to what eighth grade health class taught you, you do not need meat or cow's milk products. Infact, they are probably the reason you can't lose the weight or your allergy won't go away.

Ever since I stopped eating meat and dairy I've been getting leaner. Now, I decided to refrain meat and dairy because of ethical issues. Any fat loss is just a happy side effect. But if there are all these people out there willing to eat whatever they are told just to lose a pound or two, then I want to be the one to chime in and say, eating grapefruit for breakfast every morning isn't going to do the trick. And even if it could, you would quickly get sick of it and resume your old habits.

Abstaining from meat and animal products is an easy and humane dietery choice with the added benefit of easy weight loss. Your body doesn't actually want the grossly manufactured animal products you've been conditioned to consume. Human beings are herbivores.

Neathertals were carnivores because of circumstance. But modern man has evolved. Our cushy lifestyles and the abudance of fruits and vegetables available to us make meat and dairy an unneccesary and unhealthy food choice.

Since going meat and dairy free I've lost 10 lbs in 3 months. I have not exercised any more than normal. Which is not very much. I have not lost muscle mass. I am still healthy and strong. If you like to jog or bike then good for you. Keep on it. No one should be sedentary. But the notion that dieting will solve weigh problems is a flawed model of science. Eating less will only make you hungrier. Your body will store more fat. After you've lost the weight and you return to a normal diet it will all return with avengence and then some extra.

Adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is a long term commitment to eschewing animal cruelty and avoiding toxins in your foods. Modern people have no need for animal flesh or fats. Our lives are easy and sedate. Fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts can provide all the nutrition we require. Animal products are full of chemicals and toxins.

Cow's milk is breast milk for calves. Would you drink female breast milk? Then why would you drink bovine breast milk?

It's easy to help stop animal suffering and lose weight at the same time. The media won't admit it. The farmers certainly won't. And you can't rely on the government to tell you what's best. But millions of vegetarians and vegans already know what you don't. Meat and dairy are what make you fat.


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