Fake Hamburgers

Sometimes I eat those Morning Star Farms fake hamburgers. They're good. What's bizarre though, is that the cheddar ones have less fat than the plain. What's up with that?

All I have to say is always. ALWAYS. cook them in a pan. DO NOT MICROWAVE. The taste difference is astonishing. A few minutes on each side and they're done. No utensils required. Just toss pan to flip.

To check for doneness feel the patty. It should be sort of soft. A little give and hot to touch. Top with pickles and ketchup. Eat on a slice of bread cut in half or a toasted english muffin.

They are really delicious if you cook them correctly.

They are packed full of soy protein. Good for most of us, but bad for some people on certain medications.

Eat hearty. Eat safe.


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