Pea Protein Bread

So my brother was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He's gone low carb. Way low. He really misses things like pasta, potatoes and crackers.

I thought I'd try to create some kind of crunchy flatbread that was nearly no carb for him that was also plant based for me.

If I had sunflower seeds, I probably would've ground a 1/4 cup of those as well and added them to the mix, but I made due with the things I had on hand.

It's weird working a bread dough that doesn't have gluten. It never gets that familiar texture of regular bread dough. You kinda wind up with a soft, moist dough you can mold. It's similar to play dough. You cook it up and it becomes firmish. If you cook it more it gets kinda crunchy. Either way, it's sorta crumbly. It's a satisfying texture given the limitations and it has good flavor.

I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed it even though I'm very pro-carb. I ate the whole first batch on my own and had to make a new batch…

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