My Best Ever Vegan Mac and Cheese

I don't usually get food cravings, but I had the worst mac and cheese craving. Vegan mac and cheeses I've made in the past crossed my mind, but they were a lot of work.

It's summer and it's hot and I didn't want to do a lot of work or buy a lot of ingredients that I didn't already have on hand. Still I wanted some mac and cheese so much that I almost considered buying actual mac and cheese.

I did have a can of coconut milk that had been lingering in my cupboards for a while. I always have nutritional yeast in my kitchen. So I decided I would try using a roux to turn the coconut milk into a kind of vegan bechamel that would be the basis for my nutritional yeast cheese sauce.

It's summer and it's hot and I did not want to mess around with the food processor or a whole mess of ingredients. I kept it very simple. Sometimes simple is the most important ingredient in the recipe.

It turned out so perfect and satisfied my craving so beautifully. I could not h…

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