Dijon Horseradish Sauce

I was just looking to create a sauce for roasted potatoes and broccoli to jazz them up a bit. Some kind of potato salad twist type thing.

I landed on a mustard based sauce since I had a fresh bottle of dijon. You know what they say, use what you have. That advice applies now more than ever, under current circumstances.

This is super easy to put together. Whisk together a few ingredients and you're all set. Keep those potatoes moist and delicious. A lighter, fresher variation on classic potato salad. And, of course, vegan.

2 tbls dijon mustard
2 tbls apple cider vinegar
2 tbls hot sauce
1 tbl horseradish
2 tsps salt
1 tsp garlic powder
2 tsps turmeric
2 tbls olive oil

Whisk together all ingredients except olive oil.

Drizzle in the oil while whisking until a nice emulsion is formed.

I created this for roasted potatoes and broccoli, but this sauce has endless possibilities. It's tangy, spicy and a little bit creamy. Go nuts with it!

Red Wine Lentil and Barley Stew

When foods are of a similar color it can indicate that they contain similar compounds which account for that color. Foods of a like nature often complement each other when paired in recipes. Celery and parsley for instance. They are from the same family and work well in combination. Also red onion and red wine. Together they amp up each other's flavor potential.

This red wine lentil and barley stew makes use of these nature food pairings to create a lot of flavor without a lot of fuss.

Skins and ends from one medium red onion
Flesh from 1/2 same onion
1/3 cup dry red wine
2/3 cup celery, equal parts flesh and leaves
1/2 cup fresh parsley
7 cloves garlic
1 tbl butter
1/2 cup dry lentils
1/2 cup dry pearl barley
2-3 cups water
Salt and pepper
2 tsps hot sauce
Red pepper flakes, sage, oregano, garlic powder, chili powder

Add water, wine, butter, onions, half the celery, half the garlic, salt and pepper to a large sauce pot. Uncovered bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes.

Remove onion skins, ends.

Add barley and lentils. Cover and ssimmer until barley and lentils are tender. Stirring occasionally.

Add remaining celery and garlic. Add hot sauce, spices, parsley.

Cover pot and turn off heat. Let sit for 5 minutes.

Remove to a heat safe storage container. Taste. Adjust seasonings as desired.

It's vegetarian, but the butter means it's not vegan. Replace the butter with vegan margarine or olive oil for the vegan version.