Vegans May Need Lysine Supplements

I started taking a lysine supplement to prevent cold sores and accidentally discovered that it's something really important for a vegan diet. 

While plants are a source of lysine and some even have a lot, on a strict vegan diet you may end up not getting enough, like I did. Especially if you're very physically active. 

There were no overt symptoms. Just general tiredness and fatigue. A lysine supplement really made a difference in my overall alertness and physical ability. I stopped sleeping so long and stopped waking up tired. 

If you're sure your vegan diet is healthy and well rounded and don't understand what's missing, lysine may be the answer. It's an essential amino acid found in many animal products. So taking a supplement isn't generally dangerous. You can take in a lot without any negative impact. So it's definitely worth a shot if you're experiencing unexplained fatigue.

Little Black Ducks

On my routine bicycle travels I often get to encounter some amazing wildlife. It's amazing to think that such an urbanized area can still be so rich with wilderness and fauna. I guess that's why they call us the garden state.

My most favorite by far is the little black ducks I was lucky enough to come across on the side of the road. They appeared to be a couple working together. They were just about as cute as you could ever hope to imagine.

It's not easy to photograph animals. They're easily frightened. But these little black ducks had no fear. They let me get very close. And they didn't care about the cars whizing by They just went about their duckly business as if I wasn't even there.

But they were as cute as can be. All feathery and fat as ducks tend to be. And waddling around together just the same as any old married couple of the human variety..

If it's wrong to eat dogs and cats, which it is, then it ought to be wrong to eat ducks too. They deserve better.