Pressure Cooker Vegan Lentil Soup

On the myriad cooking shows I watch they often use pressure cookers. I've often wondered to myself if I need one and if I did have one, what exactly I would make with it. 

I never did buy one for myself. I always figured I had the time to wait for the same thing to happen via the stovetop. 

But for some strange reason, my mother bought one. She doesn't even like to cook. Perhaps that factored into her decision. 

When she fell ill, I found myself with the desire to make good use of this appliance on her behalf. It felt therapeutic to create sustenance from this device that she'd bought so soon before she'd become sick. 
Since it's summer and hot, I thought to myself, I can make a complex broth based soup without making the house hot simmering it on the stovetop for a long time. 

My absolute favorite soup meal is lentil soup. It's just the ultimate vegan chicken noodle soup analog. It's the food of memories, childhood and comfort. It will give you a big hug. 


The Seldom Gardener

A couple of interesting discoveries recently. Ramen noodles are great straight from the package. I've been reading about other people liking this for years and always dismissed it. To look at them out of the cellophane, they just don't look as if they would taste good at all.

Boy was I wrong on that count! They are great. Like a cross between nuts and chips. Salty and crunchy and different from other similar snacks. They look like they'll be too hard like dry pasta, but that isn't the case. They have a great texture and snap. And unlike when they are cooked in water, unboiled ramen do not require the services of the 'flavor packet' to taste really great. They're salty, nutty and delivious.

They're also great sprinkled on salads.

Chopped off my garlic sprout and ate it. Cutting off the green sprout is supposed to funnel the energy into growing the bulb. We'll see. I cut it up and put it in my salad. It had a very mild garlic flavor.

Was able to get some romaine sprouted from the core. It's in the early stages. All in all I'm finding trying to grow food vegertables on my windowsills a fascinating experiment.