Vegans May Need Lysine Supplements

I started taking a lysine supplement to prevent cold sores and accidentally discovered that it's something really important for a vegan diet. 

While plants are a source of lysine and some even have a lot, on a strict vegan diet you may end up not getting enough, like I did. Especially if you're very physically active. 

There were no overt symptoms. Just general tiredness and fatigue. A lysine supplement really made a difference in my overall alertness and physical ability. I stopped sleeping so long and stopped waking up tired. 

If you're sure your vegan diet is healthy and well rounded and don't understand what's missing, lysine may be the answer. It's an essential amino acid found in many animal products. So taking a supplement isn't generally dangerous. You can take in a lot without any negative impact. So it's definitely worth a shot if you're experiencing unexplained fatigue.

Vegetarian Savings Plan

I've been conducting this experiment of sorts.About the cost of eating veg versus the cost of eating meat. I've been keeping track of weekly food expenditures for myself and my mother. Eliminating shared foods like loaves of bread and bags of rolls. The data I've gathered so far, after only 4 weeks is pretty interesting. It's a pervasive belief that eating veg is more costly, but real life paints an entirely diffferent truth.

I haven't documented the actual foods purchases. I should have. And will in the future. But suffice it to say that she eats meat and I don't.

I've maintined a spreadsheet of weekly spending on food. The results of which are quite eye opening.



My first week includes the cost of cola. I am a Pepsi fan and she is not. And while I don't drink too much of it at some point there's a need to replensih resouces. So my total reflects the purchase of 4 twelve can packs of diet pepesi on sale for $3 each. Where a purchase of at least 4 was required to obtain the sale price. So $12 of the 24 was overpriced beverage. Other than that, you can clearly see the meat eater's grocery bill is substantially more. 

My documentation lacks specific food choices. Which I plan to rectify.

I mostly buy romaine, broccoli and beans. Cheese sometimes. When it's on sale.

She's more interested in pre-cooked chicken, frozen chicken, crab cakes and yogurt.

My food purchases for the week are usually canned beans, cheese, lettuce, garlic, broccoli and corn. It's summer... so I try to grab what is local and fresh and cheap.

Her food purchases are generally yogurt, almond milk, cereal and store cooked rotisserie chicken or frozen processsed chicken. 

In the future I shall endeavor to document the specifics more thoroughtly.

But I think it's obvious veg is easier on both the environmnent and the budget.