The Spectacular Plant Based Runner

I am living proof that a plant based diet is orders of magnitude better than one that includes meat or dairy.

I took up running when I was 43 years old. It was a not too terrible transition from cycling.

I excelled at distance running. Increasing my mileage up to about 10 miles for long runs.

The thing is, I drink 4 beers most every night. Yet, still, I'm able to achieve this higher level of fitness.

I"m not fast. But I have endurance.

I've been running a couple years now. There's been some decline as I surpassed age 45, but overall, I'm still doing okay.

I've never been a stellar athlete. Even when I was young and sober. But I'm stronger now, even as I age, even as I drink. It says a lot about how our choice of diet affects our overall health.

I should stop drinking. If I did, I'd probably be superhuman.

So what could a plant based diet do for those who are already young and sober? It would probably be spectacular.

Salad Wonders

I've been eating super light over the last month or two. Trying to shed a few unwanted pounds. When I lost my job I kinda went into binge mode. It's a good lesson in even if it's vegetarian that doesn't mean you can pig out. Calories are calories regardless of the source.

What's been working for me is a big breakfast, followed by lighter lunch and dinner.

To that end I've been incorporating a lot of salad into my daily food intake. I've discovered that a hearty salad can be quite filling without the burden of as many calories as other meal choices.

A really big salad of romaine, carrots and broccoli will fill me up for hours and hours, yet I've eaten far less calories than I normally would

I'll usually sprinkle the salad with some beans or diced roasted potato or vegetarian chili.

For dressing hot sauce and vinegar are great. A little sprinkle of nutritional yeast ties it all together.

But don't let your salad stagnate. Mix it up. The romaine base is open to so many possible additions. Red pepper, cucumber, jalapeno, red cabbage, tofu, apple, avocado, mango, the list can go on and on.

A great dessert for dieting is peanut butter on whole grain bread. Peanut butter is incredibly delicious on a slice of rye bread. I try to use way less than the serving size on the jar. A teaspoon or maybe 2. Just to lightly cover the surface of the bread.

It's funny how gaining weight is so easy, yet losing it so difficult. Some strange Darwinism at work in that respect.

But what I've learned is the salad done right can be quite satisfying. I didn't think it was possible, but with the right lettuce and the right additions and a careful eye toward restraint, a lunch or dinner of mostly salad can be more filling than you've ever imagined possible.