Cheezy Garlic Shells Pasta Florentine Vegan Recipe

It's a little spicy. It's a lot garlicky. It's a little cheezy. It's totally delicious. 

Very easy to make. One pot does it all. 

1/2 box small shells pasta
1 shallot, thinly sliced
5 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 inch ginger, minced
1 jalapeno, minced
2 tbls nutritional yeast
2 tbls olive oil
1/2 an 8 ounce bag of spinach
1 tsp crushed pepper flakes
1 tsp dry basil
2 tsps black pepper
1 tbl salt
Cook the pasta in water seasoned with the 1 tbl salt. 

I use Alton Brown's cold water pasta method. Add pasta to medium large pot. Cover with water an inch over the pasta. Add salt. Bring to  boil and then simmer until al dente. 

When pasta is al dente, remove it from the water into a heat safe storage container. Retain approximately 2/3 cup of the pasta water in the pot and discard the rest. 

Return pot with pasta water to stove. Medium high heat. Add olive oil, garlic, shallot, jalapeno, ginger, yeast, crushed pepper flakes, basil, spinach and black pepper. 

Simmer uncovered for 7 minutes. 


Curried Risotto Rice and Lentils

I decided to try something different and yet familiar. I wanted to do a risotto, but without arborrio. I also wanted to do a curry. So I went with a hybrid of sorts that turned out quite satisfying. If you like a little heat and a lot of spice, you'll enjoy this. Tender rice and meaty chick peas round it off.

1/3 cup lentils
1/2 cup white rice
1 can vegetable broth
1 can plain petite cut tomatoes
1 can drained, rinsed chick peas
7 cloves of garlic sliced thin
1 jalapeno pepper minced
3-4 tbls curry powder
2 tsps cumin seed
1/3 cup frozen cauliflower
juice and zest from one lemon
olive oil

In a large chicken fryer type saute pan heat lentils, cumin seed and broth until it just begins to come to a boil. Add 2 tbls curry powder and rice. Stir often, simmering over medium heat. Keep covered when not stirring.

Let rice and lentil mixture simmer in liquid until mostly absorbed. Add can of tomatoes juice and all. Continue stirring and simmering and letting the rice and beans absorb the liquid.

When that has also been absobred add 1/2 cup water. chick peas and 1 tbl more of curry powder. Continue stirring and cooking until most of the liquid is gone. Taste to determine doneness of lentils and rice.

When they are just on the verge of being done add olive oil, garlic, lmeon zest/juice and jalapeno. And more curry powder if desired. Stirring and cooking at least 3 minutes more. Adding more water in 1/4 cup incrememnts as needed.

Once finished cooking turn off heat and add cauliflower to hot pot, stir, cover and let sit at least 5 minutes more or until the veg is warmed through.

Serve with pan sauted potato chunks and fresh crostini for sopping up the sauce.