French Black Beans and Mushrooms with Gravy Vegan

There's something really satisfying about mushrooms treated in a french preparation. Wine, mustard and thyme are one of those classic combinations that evoke a fine dining experience without the fine dining price tag. 1 pint baby bella mushrooms chopped small 1 can black beans, rinsed 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 tbl tsps soy sauce 2 tbl spicy mustard 2 tsps  prepared, jarred, horseradish (horseradish, vinegar and salt) 1 tbl hot sauce 1/4 cup dry white wine 2 tbls olive oil 2 tsps dry thyme 1 tsp black pepper 2 tsps salt When you cook down mushrooms some kind of molecular magic happens that turns bland, spongy fungi into a delectable culinary powerhouse. Add some wine and a few other components and you've got a deep, dark saucy ragout that will make anything you cover it with irresistible.  It's a simple mixture that yields complex tastes and textures.  It won't take up a lot of your time to make, but you'll have a hard time not eating it all in one sitting.  Start yo

Roasted Potatoes Vinaigrette

Simple is always delicious. At least, that's my motto. Roasted potatoes are the best. I love them plain all by themselves fresh from the oven. Crispy on the outside and soft and tender within. Potatoes are rich in vitamin c and iron. Roasting potatoes with the skin on is key. The skins taste great and are packed with nutrients.

I like the cut them pretty small. 1/4 inch chunks. Generously spray sheet pans with cooking spray. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast at 425 degrees F. Cook for 16 minutes. Stir. Top with 12 peeled garlic cloves. 1 sliced red bell pepper and 1 small sliced yellow onion. Cook for 16 more minutes.

Most folks would probably just eat the potatoes as is and that would be great. But they can do more.

Try adding your oven roasted potatoes to a bowl and them top with the roasted garlic diced, the onions and the red pepper and also add a spoonful of rinsed canned black beans. Add some hot sauce and some vinaigrette salad dressing. If you like, some chopped almonds would do nicely as well. A fabulous vegan/vegetarian salad dish that forgoes the lettuce in favor of a heartier potato base.