Tofu Garlic Vegan Mayo

I don't currently have the luxury of a lot of ingredients lying around. The coronavirus has turned everything on its head. Still, I'm trying to find comfort in familiar hobbies like cooking and origami.

What I did have was half a package of silken firm tofu that needed to be used and a whole head of garlic that wasn't getting any younger. That is the inspiration for this recipe. That, and my love of all things creamy and garlicky.

1/2 package silken firm tofu, drained
8 cloves garlic, stems removed
1 habanero, deseeded
1 serrano
3 tbls olive oil
3 tbls white vinegar
1 tbl salt
1/2 can chick peas, drained and rinsed

Puree all ingredients in your food processor until a creamy mixture is the result.

It's great right away, but you can chill it in the fridge for a few hours to thicken and let the flavors coalesce.

This is extremely garlic forward and also hot from the chiles. Because the mayo is tofu based and tofu has no flavor of its own, the full on flavor …

What Am I Eating?

When will the restaurant world finally catch on? Vegetarian dishes are a must for any respectable dining facility. Full disclosure is also necessary. Does it have eggs. Does it contain milk. Is it really vegetarian? Putting chicken stock in it is decidedly non-vegetarian. So don't try to fool us with a vegetable filled description.

If 2-3% of the population is vegetarian why is it that 2-3% of restaurant menus are not? And why, oh why, must they fill every meatless thing with tons of cheese?

Beans people! Beans are what we want. Beans are what we crave. We love us some beans.

I swear... restaurants need to hire me as a consultant. They have absolutely no clue when it comes to vegetarian and vegan menu choices. You can't just smother everything in cheese. That won't work. Not all cheese is vegetarian.

I don't understand. Because there are so many wonderful dishes that can be made without meat. and without cheese and without eggs. I don't understand their reluctance.

All vegetarian are not the same. There are one who don't eat egg. There are ones who don't consume milk. BUt none of us want a lettuce and tomato sandwich. That's just a cop out. We deserve something more. If you can afford to give omnivorse chicken and steak you can splurge for some beans and tofu for us non-meat eaters.

Is it so very much to ask that there be grilled tofu or lime black bean salad? It doesn't seem like an insane request. I don't understand what the big deal is. Black beans are delicious. So is tofu. If it isn't, you're doing it wrong.

Everything on the menu is always chicken and steak and shrimp and tons of cheese. If your food is of such poor quality that you need to smother it in cheese to make it palatable for the masses then maybe you should consider altering your recipes.

I for one am tired of waiting for the food service industry to catch up with the time. Meat is evil. Get over yourself and learn how to make vegetarian and vegan dishes. We're tired of ordering the french fries and the baked potatoes. We'd like an entree or two. It's the least you can do.

It saves you money and makes us happy.

And some clear labelling might be nice. Does it have eggs in it. Does it contain milk. Is there chicken broth in there. Inquiring minds want to know.