Vegan Aioli

I was looking for something creamy to use as a spread and a sauce. I also wanted to incorporate extra protein and potassium.

I've learned that kidney beans have a lot of potassium, but I didn't have any kidney beans. I did have great northern beans. They don't have quite as much, but they do still boast a fair amount. White beans in general are a pretty good source of it.

This is a spicy puree that's got a creamy texture and a lot of flavor. You can use it as a dip, a spread, a sauce. It can add richness and flavor to almost anything.

It's simple to make. You just puree all the ingredients in your food process and then let it rest for a few hours in the fridge. When you're not cooking with heat resting in the fridge is pretty important. It helps the flavors coalesce. So when tasting (tasting as you go is a must) you need to keep in mind that everything will gain some intensity during that resting period.

1 can Great Northern Beans
1/2 block silken …

Activia Yogurt: Vegetarians Beware!

i've recently discovered that activia brand yogurt is not vegetarian. it contains gelatin. ew. and apparently, it also tastes bad on top of that. or so i'm told. i hate yogurt. but i've read the ingredients and have heard flavor testimonials from actual yogurt lovers.

really... how hard is it to make vegetarian yogurt. it's like they're trying to sneak dead animals into your food.

and by the way, just so you know, people at dannon and miss jamie lee curtis... bifidus regularis - it sounds like something from a wile e. coyote cartoon.