Bread Protein Balls Recipe

I love a good bread. It's absolutely one of my favorite things. Bread can deliver amazing flavor when done correctly. It can also provide exciting texture and plenty of protein.

The more you knead bread, the more gluten you create. Those already familiar with seitan know that wheat gluten is total protein.

When you add nutritional yeast, flax or other nuts/seeds,  now you have a bread that is also a complete protein.

In the interest of doing things a little differently, I decided to do little bread balls because I figured they would offer a unique textural experience to other forms of bread. I also figured they'd make a nice little snack size bite. They're easier to shape than a flat bread, can bake in the oven, and take much less time to cook than rolls or loaves. They're great for dipping into hummus too.

As you can see, they're very cute as well.

Bread Balls Dough Recipe
2 1/2 cups all purpose unbleached flour
3 tbls nutritional yeast
2 tbls ground flax seed

Creamy Vegetarian Pasta

Here's a simple and quick vegetarian recipe. It's lacto-vegetarian. It only uses milk. It tastes really creamy and hearty, is easy to prepare and best of all, very inexpensive.

1 can Campbell's Cream of Asparagus Soup
(or similar vegetarian cream of asparagus soup)
1 soup can worth of low fat animal friendly milk
1/2 a box of pasta
6 cloves roughly chopped garlic
2 tbls spicy mustard
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp onion powder
2 tsp pepper
1 tsp olive oil
1/4 cup frozen carrots
1/3 cup frozen broccoli

Cook pasta according to package directions. Cook til not quite done though. Drain and set aside in a storage container to keep warm. Use a container big enough to store the entire dish in when you're done.

Add pasta pot back to warm burner and set to medium. Add soup and milk and bring to a strong simmer. Add frozen veg and continue to simmer five minutes more. Stirring occasionally.

Add pasta back to soup/veg pot. Adding slowly to thoroughly combine. Also add chopped garlic and olive oil. and simmer on medium high 3 minutes more stirring often.

Add spices. Stir. Remove from heat.

Serve immediately or add to storage container for later.

add your favorite beans for a heartier version. but with all the milk it's already a complete protein. it's also pretty low fat. and tastes great.