Cucumber, Corn and Tomato Salsa

My co-worker gave me some cucumbers she and her husband had grown in their garden. I wanted to use them right away as they were so fresh. This is a variation on a classic cucumber and tomato salad. I added charred corn for sweetness and smokiness. I also added poblano and jalapeno for spice. 

2 small or 1 medium cucumber, diced
2 ears corn
3 vine tomatoes, diced
1 poblano, diced
1 jalapeno, minced
3 cloves garlic, minced

2 tbls apple cider vinegar
2 tbls olive oil
2 tsps dry dill
1 tsp garam masala
2 tsps salt

I wasn't about to turn on the broiler to cook the corn. It's been in the 90's here. Instead, I used the same technique often used to char bell pepper. Put the shucked ears directly over a gas flame on the stovetop. If you don't have a gas stovetop you can broil them or use an outdoor grill. 

The corn will pop and make a bit of a mess on your cooktop, but it's worth it. 

Char the corn evenly all around. Allow to cool and them cut the kernels off the cob. 

Stir together all i…

Easy Vegan Bean Sandwich

It's kinda hard to eat most beans in a sandwich straight out of the can. They tend to roll off the bread. If you have the time it's always tasty to mash them up with some aromatics and spices to make a sticky substance that will hold to the bread. Or drown them in a delicious sauce that will keep them glued to your roll.

However if you don't feel like it at the moment and still crave a tasty vegan bean sandwich there is a solution to get the beans and bread to your mouth in unison.


Thick bagel, hoagie roll or the like
1/3 any variety or combo of beans you like
1 dill pickle (1/2 sliced into chips) optional
Vegan salad dressing - also optional

The trick to this is the thick bread. Carefully pull out the meat of the bottom piece of sandwich bread. Making sure to leave some edging in place to hold your beans inside. Basically you want a tunnel through the center of the bottom half of the bagel. If you watch the food network show Good Eats you may remember Alton Brown did this to hold in his tuna on his sub.

Pile your beans into the moat you've created for them. Lightly drizzle with dressing if desired. Arrange your pickle slices, if desired, in a fan pattern over your beans and dressing. Eat the other half of your pickle as a side to your sammie. Sprinkle with your favorite spices. Pepper and garlic are good combo. Garlic and basil. Thyme and basil. Paprika and pepper. The possibilities are endless.

Put the lid on your sandwich, slice in half and enjoy a quick and easy vegan bean sandwich for breakfast, lunch or dinner.