The Spectacular Plant Based Runner

I am living proof that a plant based diet is orders of magnitude better than one that includes meat or dairy.

I took up running when I was 43 years old. It was a not too terrible transition from cycling.

I excelled at distance running. Increasing my mileage up to about 10 miles for long runs.

The thing is, I drink 4 beers most every night. Yet, still, I'm able to achieve this higher level of fitness.

I"m not fast. But I have endurance.

I've been running a couple years now. There's been some decline as I surpassed age 45, but overall, I'm still doing okay.

I've never been a stellar athlete. Even when I was young and sober. But I'm stronger now, even as I age, even as I drink. It says a lot about how our choice of diet affects our overall health.

I should stop drinking. If I did, I'd probably be superhuman.

So what could a plant based diet do for those who are already young and sober? It would probably be spectacular.

Vinagrette and Mustard Beans

A delicious vegetarian meal is easy and tasty. Low in fat too.

3 tbls vinaigrette dressing - low fat is better
1 tbl spicy mustard
2 packets soy sauce from Chinese takeout
1/4 cup dry pearl barley
1/4 cup dry lentils
1/4 cup dry white rice
1/3 cup frozen baby carrots
ground pepper, garlic powder and paprika

Pour into large sauce pan 1 cup water, peeper, garlic powder and paprika. Cook lentils and barley in the seasoned water. Bring covered pot to a boil and then lower heat and simmer.

When most of the liquid is gone add dry rice and 1/2 cup more water.

Continue cooking covered for approximately 10 minutes.

Add frozen baby carrot on top on mixture in pot. Add 1/2 cup more water. Cook five minutes more.

In a small bowl whisk together vinaigrette, mustard, soy sauce and a few tsps of each spice.

When there is almost no liquid left in the bot of beans add your vinaigrette mixture. Stir and simmer on low heat for two minutes. Move to cool burner. Add 1 tsp more of each spice. Let sit three minutes before serving. Or store and reheat as needed later.

This meatless delight lasts several weeks in the fridge and packs a wallop of complex proteins.